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Taglio is a salon with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Your visit with us is about you. We want to not only provide a service, but become a resource for you to restore yourself, re-energize, experience a welcome feeling and know our doors are always open to you.


Design is based on a client's needs and desires with your stylist considering the visual aspects, as well as your lifestyle. It is a philosophy that encompasses you, not just your hair.


The cut is a critical element of both design and style. It is the technical aspect that the stylist employs requiring expertise, as well as considering design and style. Our stylists are continually enhancing their technical abilities with extended education and certification programs.


Style is the finishing touch that brings the look together. Our stylists are trained in the products we offer to provide the best recommendations, as well as showing you techniques that you are comfortable with to keep the look you want.

Visit our site, meet our Staff, see the products we offer and please contact us to experience Taglio - the salon of Excelsior. 

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Taglio Salon
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